Friday, April 24, 2009

'Wall Street Journal' on Ben Folds

Today's WSJ takes a look at the new Ben Folds a cappella record, due out next week.

The piece mentions Folds's popularity among college a cappella groups. John Jurgensen writes: "Mr. Folds didn't discover his standing among vocal groups like the Yale Spizzwinks(?)—the (?) is part of the name—and the Columbia Clefhangers until about two years ago, when a friend sent him a YouTube link to one of his songs, rendered in a snappy multipart student harmony. That clip led Mr. Folds to dozens more—and to the concept for his next album."

Read the full story here.

Want more? Listen to me and Ben Folds talk a cappella here.

Finally, here's the Spizzwinks (?) singing Ben Folds's "Landed."

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HD version recorded at St. James Cathedral in Chicago is located at: