Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Growing Pains'

How did I forget about this? On the sixth season of Growing Pains, the producers swapped in an a cappella version of the theme song, performed by (I think) Rockapella.

For most of the seventh season (the one with Leo), they went back to an earlier version of the theme song. You know, one with instruments. Mistake!


Deke Sharon said...

That's definitely not Rockapella - neither their voices nor arranging style. Sounds more like Glad, but I'd guess it's a studio singer or two overdubbing himself/themselves.

Pitch Perfect said...

Once again, Wikipedia gets it wrong!

Vocality Music said...

Wikipedia, like Limewire, thinks everything a cappella was done by Rockapella.

Deke Sharon said...

I changed wikipedia - not even Rockapella mentions it on their web site and it's not on their wikipedia page (and it most certainly would be).

Here's hoping all the recent media attention will result in college groups being properly credited for their work, as opposed to Rockapella's name being slapped on so many uncredited downloads.