Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bernie Madoff: The A Cappella Musical.


Earlier this week, the Yale Daily News reported: "Magevet, Yale’s coed Jewish a cappella group, did its part to shame America’s latest white-collar crook on Sunday night with its spring jam, Bernie Madoff: The Musical. Nothing unusual happened in the first moments of the show. The 17 members filed in, men donning tuxes and women wearing the strappy black dresses traditional for a cappella jams. Seniors and alumni stepped forward, and the approximately 80 audience members—parents, friends and prefrosh alike—applauded. During the first three songs, no one referenced the billed topic of the evening. But after a few Hebrew tunes, one member of the group ran to the back of the room to shut off the lights as another member turned on a slide show titled 'The Story of the Worst Homestay in Magevet History'."

The full story is here. Let's hope the reception is better than the last Yale a cappella attempt at here.

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Anonymous said...

It was a fantastic show! Magevet is definitely one of Yale's best groups and certainly its funniest!