Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Concert Posters

On Friday, Cornell's Cayuga's Waiters (of which I was a proud member) celebrates its 60th anniversary.

I was in school for the 50th. And we debated poster ideas for hours. Eventually we settled on this faux WB idea. (I hated it.) Still, I woke up early, got dressed in my tuxedo, and drove over to the school art museum to take the group photo that we printed in a crawl across the bottom.

The previous poster was more successful. Also, we didn't have to wear tuxedos. Instead, it was casual, the Waiters assembling at the downtown McDonald's to pose as fries.

Back in the day, we'd wallpaper the campus with the posters. It seems groups spend less time (and thought) on posters these days. Though I'm digging the Waiters 60th anniversary poster, seen below.

Any good poster designs out there you want to share?

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