Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who are the Do-Re-Migos?

The staff of NBC's The Office once again mocked our fair sport of collegiate a cappella tonight. The plot: In an effort to piss off Andy Bernard, Dwight Schrute applies to Andy's alma mater, Cornell. He starts wearing Cornell gear around the office and dropping Big Red factoids into regular conversation. Andy Bernard, as we know, is a proud alum of Cornell's Hear Comes Treble, and he takes issue.

I'll post the video tomorrow (once NBC does). For now, here's the highlight:

DWIGHT: Andy, I've been meaning to ask you: Which a cappella group should I join? The Harmoniacs? Or the Do-Re-Migos?

ANDY: Assuming you had the voice to be in any of them, it's irrelevant. Because I called admissions and it looks like I will be conducting your university interview.

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