Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can Lauren Graham Sing?

So, Lauren Graham—you know, the mom from Gilmore Girls—was just cast as the lead in an upcoming Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls. (That story here.) Perez Hilton blogged about the casting notice today, asking: "Can she even sing??"

Of course she can! As an undergraduate at Barnard, Lauren Graham was a member of an all-female a cappella group called the Metrotones. She talked about it with the Columbia Spectator a few years back, saying: "That was like the most fun I had in school, and still some of my best friends are from that group. The lobby of Furnald—I mean they all lived at Furnald Grocery—and the lobby is where we did a lot of our concerts, and that would be the building on campus that means the most to me, I would say." (Read that story here.)

I couldn't find video from her collegiate days, unfortunately. But I did find this clip from the 2007 film Because I Said So, in which Lauren and her on-screen sisters force Diane Keaton to form a family a cappella group. Seriously. That clip here.

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