Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"W" is for Whiffenpoofs

There's a quick mention of the Whiffenpoofs in Oliver Stone's "W." In a flashback to his Yale fraternity days, Dubya and his fellow pledges are made to sing the Whiffenpoof song while shivering in an ice bath. The lyrics: "We're poor little lambs who have lost our way. Baa! Baa! Baa!"

Fun fact: Senator Prescott Bush—Dubya's grandfather—actually was a Whiffenpoof.

And now, just so we get the whole family in to this post, here's a video of the 2008 Whiffs serenading former president George H.W. Bush.


Taylor said...

Your book caught my eye not once, but twice. The first time I was buying my textbooks in our Brown bookstore. When the line gets really long, it wraps around the music section. The second time, it was being waved in my face by an enthused librarian who knew I was in an a cappella group. You're in a lot of University libraries, actually. Pretty cool, huh?

Boston U

Pitch Perfect said...

Taylor, thanks for the note. The big question: Did you buy the book?!

Pitch Perfect said...

I kid. Glad to hear it's out there!

Taylor said...

Haha, someday! It's definitely a conversation starter if you see that around the house. For now I have my trusty library.