Monday, October 6, 2008

Straight No Chaser Announces First Reunion Gig

Straight No Chaser, which I wrote about extensively in this weekend's New York Times (that story here), will reunite where it all began.

From the Atlantic Records press release that went out today: "Straight No Chaser will celebrate the release of HOLIDAY SPIRITS with a special Homecoming Show at their alma mater, Indiana University. Tickets to the concert—set for October 25th at the Indiana University Auditorium—are priced at $16.50, or $22.50 with a copy of HOLIDAY SPIRITS. For more information, please visit

Someone local: Check it out and report back.

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Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to put the word out about Straight No Chaser. I am so inspired by their story and what they are doing.

I know I'll be buying their Christmas album, and watching for them on television if they make any appearances! Thanks for bringing real music back guys!