Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Super Mario. Without Instruments.

There is one area of collegiate a cappella that I don't quite understand. And it's the reproduction of classic video game music in concert. Sure, there's a kitsch factor. (And who doesn't love kitsch?) But five minutes of 'Super Mario Brothers?' On stage? Really?

Please use the comments section below to explain!

Herein, a selection from YouTube.

A Nintendo medley:

'Super Mario Brothers'


'The Legend of Zelda'


Deke Sharon said...

Agreed. Strange. And yet I'm pretty sure the Nintendo footage got more hits on youtube than any other college a cappella clip (until December's 12 days of Chrismas phenom). So, somehow, it's proving oddly compelling to millions of viewers. With too much time on their hands.

elizabeth said... THIS is the kind of a cappella i could watch for days.