Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saying goodbye to the Baggot Inn.

So, the Baggot Inn—a Greenwich Village staple—is closing its doors today. This is sad for two reasons. First, the Baggot Inn hosted comedy nights where Dave Chappelle, Dennis Miller and others used to drop in. More importantly (for this site's purposes, anyway), a cappella groups like Manhattan's all-female Treble held semi-regular performances at the Baggot Inn. An a cappella venue falls!

New York magazine paid tribute to the Baggot Inn this week, asking some big comedians to weigh in on some of their favorite memories of the Village spot. Here's an excerpt:

Colin Quinn: "It used to be this lesbian bar called Bonnie & Clyde’s. It became Paper Moon, and Eddie Brill, who now books comics for Letterman, started doing a comedy night. I remember there was this snotty NYU kid, 17 years old, who came in one night, and they put him on because he had 30 other kids with him and they needed an audience. He sang some funny songs. That was Adam Sandler’s first time onstage."

Read more from New York magazine here. Sadly no one mentions the Baggot Inn's a cappella legacy.

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