Thursday, May 29, 2008

Library of Congress 1 A Cappella O

A few weeks ago, the Library of Congress (reading room pictured here) announced the 25 recordings that would be added to the national archive. This year, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" made the cut. So did Harry S. Truman's speech from the 1948 Democratic National Convention. To qualify, recordings must be "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant," according to the law (enacted in 2000). Oh, and the recordings must be 10 years old.

It got me thinking: Is there any collegiate a cappella music in the archive?

So I wrote to the Library of Congress.

And today the Library Staff kindly replied, writing:

"Thanks very much for your interest in the National Recording Registry. I handle all of the nominations that come in through the public as well as from the National Recording Preservation Board. There are no recordings like this currently on the Registry, nor are there any specific nominations of the kind up for consideration. Collegiate a cappella recordings have certainly been discussed at Board meetings, but no formal nominations have been submitted to date. If you'd like to make any nominations to the Registry, please do so by filling out the form on our website at The public plays a vital role in suggesting recordings to be selected by the Librarian of Congress and have generated some of the most interesting nominations so far. We certainly look forward to hearing from you."

This sounds like a call to arms! I'm throwing down the gauntlet. What album/track would you make the case for? And can we get some momentum? Do it, a cappella!

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