Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yale. Tomorrow Night. Me. You?

Folks, I'm doing a reading tomorrow night at the Yale Barnes & Noble. If you're in the area (or want to road trip!) the event starts at 6pm, and features a special performance by Yale's Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, affectionately known as the SOBs.

Here are the SOBs in an excellent video from YouTube. What I love about a cappella videos like this is the lack of explanation. Like, We're going to sing a pretty song. And not explain why one dude has no shirt on and another is in pajamas—with feet.

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Anonymous said...

Or why one guy has a blue face...

For my tastes, that arrangement is way too busy for a such a simple tune. There is way too much stuff going on; it overwhelms the delicacy and beauty of the melody.

They do sing it beautifully, however.