Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ron Jeremy!

So, Ted Trembinski of the Binghamton Crosbys e-mailed in an excellent story. Apparently the other night the university hosted "The Great Porn Debate"—an academic discussion of flesh.

The Crosbys, who sing a cover of the song "Internet Porn" (originally recorded by DaVinci's Notebook), figured this was a good chance to perform that song for their biggest audience to date. They approached a friend working the event who wound up "sneaking" them in, Trembinski says, where they serenaded some 2,000 people with vocals on porn.

The best part: They got to meet the legend himself, Ron Jeremy. Click on the photo to see it, um, larger.


deke said...

A few years ago after having lunch at DisneyWorld with some of the American Vybe cast, we spotted Ron Jeremy, and although the others were too shy, I walked right up and invited him to see their next set that afternoon.
He loved it! He said he's a big fan of vocal harmony and plopped right down front and center on the floor of the American Adventure dome. There's a photo post show of us all somewhere.

Pitch Perfect said...

Dig up the photo. We can get a slideshow going.