Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tens of People Turn Out For Reading!

I did a reading last night at the UPENN Barnes & Noble. The Daily Pennsylvanian reported on it today. That story here.

A quick thank you to the Penn-Six for performing—and sticking around for the reading. The Balls of the Year Award goes to the all-female Quaker Notes, who sang two songs and promptly disappeared. The youth of America, ladies and gentleman!

Here's a Penn-Six clip for ya:


Ted said...

To defend the Quaker notes, I've sung at plenty of gigs the week before a semester show, or in place of a rehearsal or for a huge number of other reasons which resulted int he group having to split right after the gig. 90% of the time, I would have loved to stay where I was singing. This happened a couple weeks ago where we opened for Ron Jeremy (The Great Porn Debate), we walked off stage, each shook his hand, then left for rehearsal. No one got to see him on stage, and yet we have a great group shot with him.

Pitch Perfect said...

Opened for Ron Jeremy? E-mail me with more info. That's an amazing story!