Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Huffington Post on a cappella.

Word is spreading. Adam Baer (the writer behind the very smart Glass Shallot) blogs about Pitch Perfect on the Huffington Post today. And in the face of cries that a cappella is for geeks, Adam praises the art form not just for the music, but for what it means to those who participate.

Baer writes: "If we are to learn anything from collegiate a capella it's not that singing is a lower form of musicmaking -- and no, my mother, the pianist and choral teacher, doesn't believe this old, incorrect impression of her confused kid. It's that it's the most direct way the every-musician can get closer to sounds he or she can't stop hearing in his or her head. Would it be better if Rhianna covers were less prevalent than Benjamin Britten concerts? Sure. But maybe they're equal. Maybe that's good. And maybe it's great that there's a group of young people who don't intend to go into pro music careers out there, simultaneously trying to outdo each other with the most kick-ass version of the cheesiest song you've ever heard. Making music, when it's best, brings people together. It's collaborative. And if it inspires healthy -- and at times funnily unhealthy -- competition, well, all the better. What, we can have it in the political arena, but not on the community concert stage?"

See, we told you: smart! Read the full post here.

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Deke Sharon said...

Amen, amen, amen.