Thursday, June 26, 2008

Best (And Worst) A Cappella Album Covers.

The dominance of iTunes may have an unintended consequence: the album cover may be a dying art. Which is why I was so pleased to find this cover from Hyannis Sound's 2007 album, "Shirt! Tie! Khaki!" It's a play on the old school folk album covers, and it's brilliantly designed.

I remember back in my day, the members of Cornell's Cayuga's Waiters met in the basement of Ruloff's--our local Ithaca watering hole--to discuss the cover art for our latest album. The artwork was, of course, due at the printer the next morning. After a few drinks, the group decided to rename our forthcoming album and to shoot a new cover. No one remembers why, but it must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Because the next morning, a bunch of guys took a bow tie, threw it into the snow, and photographed it. That album became "Clothing Optional." (Get it!)

No one will ever praise that one (visible here) for its art direction. Nice work, Hyannis Sound. Keep it coming.

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