Sunday, June 15, 2008

Divisi: The San Francisco Treat!

So, we were in San Francisco this weekend for a reading at Book Passage, a great independent bookstore. The House Jacks performed—always a good time. But it was the ladies of Divisi who made the event so successful. Actually, it wasn't just Divisi. It was an all-star team of Divisi members past and present, including the incomparable Lisa Forkish, who was the group's music director back in 2005 when Divisi competed in the finals of the ICCAs.

The ladies from Oregon drove nine (count 'em nine) hours to be at the reading. And they did not disappoint, reprising Usher's "Yeah," the highlight of their 2005 competition set. (That story of heartbreak and triumph is chronicled in PItch Perfect.) They even sang for the waitstaff at the California Pizza Kitchen later that night.

Here's a vintage Divisi video of "Yeah." Plus, a link to the new Divisi album, "Roots," a must-have recording available now.

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