Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chester French's Crimson Tide.

You folks know the band Chester French? It's two young Harvard grads, D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey. And it turns out that before Kanye West, Jermaine Durpi and Pharrell Williams were offering these dudes record deals, D.A. and Max were recording a cappella groups at Harvard for cash.

In this interview from AllHipHop.com, Wallach recalls: "The studio we had at school wasn’t actually affiliated with the music program there. That’s sort of an independent student group that Max and I were actually kind running, too. We were actually engineering there as commercial engineers so even when we were getting the record deal, we were still recording weird a cappella groups and viola players to pick up some cash on the side. It was good too because we were able to learn how to record all kinds of different music and instruments and all that knowledge ends up being a resource when you’re working out your own project."

Any of the Crimson a cappella groups out there remember recording with Chester French? I'd love to hear more.

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David-Andrew W said...

Man, I can't even really remember the names of the groups we did, though I recorded one jewish young professionals group called honorable menschen.