Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ben Folds Info Revealed!

Ben Folds—indie rock dude—is producing an album featuring collegiate a cappella covers of his music. It's out in April, and Folds is contributing two tracks himself. He revealed more about the project on his MySpace last night, and his note is a moving tribute to the work of these students. Seriously!

An excerpt: "All the groups were a total joy to work with. They were total pros. Through the repetition that is often necessary when recording old school, the lead singers stayed completely on top of things, pitch and performance while the harmonies got tighter and more energetic. Some got it on the first take. Some gave us a ride back to the airport. Some had beers after the recording with Joe Costa. Some groups were girls and some groups were boys and some were mixtures of all three. I'm starting to feel like Dr Suess. One group is from a university who's lawyers called us up and told us we weren't allowed to mention any association with their university. Funny, because I attended that school and was proud to work with these guys and try and pass on a little of my post college professional experience. Ironically I felt like I learned more from watching these kids work than I ever did during my stint there as a student."

The full post is here.

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Robin said...

I certainly hope this compilation will include the cover of "Kate" performed by the University of Virginia Academical Village People (love the group name!). It's a fun cover which I enjoy sharing with my non-a cappella friends to demonstrate the variety in the genre.