Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wanna be on MTV?

Folks, MTV is in the midst of casting its a cappella competition show. Think your instrument-free music group is good enough to compete?

Here's all the info you'll need to apply, direct from the casting department at MTV. Who's submitting? Let me know in the comments.

Please note: The deadline is May 14. So get on it!


Video Submission Instructions

Thanks for your interest in our MTV casting call. We’d love for you to submit a video audition so we can get a full sense of what makes your group special!

In the video, be creative and help us get a good feel for your group and what your lives are really like. PLEASE make sure the video images are clear and the audio is good!

Part I:

Perform one full song (in stage costume, with choreography if possible)—make sure it is a song that best highlights your group’s vocal abilities.

Part II:

Choose two or three members of the group to answer the following questions on tape (one of the members answering these questions should be a soloist):

• Start off by introducing yourself and the name of the group: “Hi my name is _______ and I’m a soloist with (Group Name).
• Tell us about being part of this A Capella group:
o How often do you guys have to rehearse?
o What are some of the challenges of being part of this group?
o What are the best things about it?
o Tell us a brief story about a funny, crazy, or nerve-wracking moment while being part of the group. (for example: you were stalked by fans after a performance or a rival group tried to sabotage you)
• How would you describe your group’s image?
• Tell us why you wanted to sing with this group and what the audition process was like for you.
• Why is being part of this group important to you? Do you want to become a professional singer?
• What are your group’s strengths and weaknesses?
• Tell me about any awards or competitions that the group has been a part of? (yes, this is the time to show off so go ahead and brag!)
• Tell us some things about your life outside the group – are you part of a sorority, are you aspiring to become a lawyer, are you dating the band leader (yes tell us all the good stuff & the drama if there is any!)
• What do you hope to gain from being on MTV?

Part III:
Now that you’ve finished your interview, send it to us on a DVD along with a group photo and contact information. Or you can send a video link via e-mail to:

Send to:

Sandra Philippeaux
ATTN: MTV’s Acapella Casting
1515 Broadway, Office 2333
New York, NY 10036
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: May 14, 2009 (packages must arrive at MTV by this date)


Vocality Music said...

Huh. Seems like they are targeting college groups, primarily. Funny that they'd put this out right at the perfect time that most college groups have just finished their semesters, and are not available to apply.

PostProApella said...

No no no, you don't understand. MTV seems like they want to challenge college groups to send in their videos while crunch time for finals AND finals themselves are right now. Illogical timing or genius timing? You be the judge!

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