Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Most Expensive Undergraduate A Cappella Concert Ever?

Would you pay $72 to see an undergraduate a cappella group perform? OK, what if that price included two reserved seats and a tax-deductible receipt? Still not sure?

Well, that's the awesomely ballsy deal on offer from University of Toronto’s Jewish a cappella group, the Varsity Jews. Their fifth annual fundraiser, Shticks and Tones, goes down this Sunday, March 29th, with the proceeds helping Te-Amim, an organization promoting tolerance education through the arts.
For more info, check out http://www.varsityjews.com.

Here's a taste of the Varsity Jews singing, yes, "Shul Of Rock."

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Rachel said...

It's true! Sponsor seats are $72 (for 2 tickets)- remember this is a fundraiser for charity...

But, we have an amazing university student price of $8 (and that's in CANADIAN dollars)!!!

Adult tickets are $18 - hope to see you there.

(Varsity Jews General Manager)