Monday, January 5, 2009

Rachel Getting A Cappella

The lovely actress Rosemarie DeWitt (right) co-stars in Rachel Getting Married, a hot ticket on the awards circuit this year. It's worth noting, however, that before she was in RGM, she starred in Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, an indie about a collegiate a cappella group reuniting years after graduation to sing at a friend's wedding. (I wrote about that film's troubled path to theatres in Pitch Perfect.)

More trivia: Rosemarie DeWitt is not the only Sing Now... alum in a prestige flick this year. Co-star David Harbour has a supporting role in Revolutionary Road.

Check out the trailer for Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace here:

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B. said...

Hey Ricky -- Just so you/your readers know, Sing Now.. was retitled "The Wedding Weekend" and will be released on DVD this May, with airings on the Sundance Channel to follow.