Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright for...A Cappella

On Saturday night, a new a cappella musical called In Transit is getting a workshop at the York Theatre Company in Manhattan. And I'm going to be there signing books.

I caught a rehearsal today and, well, the show is FANTASTIC. And, as expected, the creative time is littered with collegiate a cappella alums. Sara Wordsworth, the author, sang in a Columbia University graduate school group called Redline. James-Allen Ford sang in Mixed Company at Yale and then, yes, the WHIFFENPOOFS. Kristen Anderson-Lopez...she sang with the Williams College Ephlats.

The plot of the show (according to the press materials): A cappella on the express track! From below the city's streets springs a brand new musical, inspired by the rhythms and sounds of life on the subway. There's not an instrument in sight as a colorful array of commuters find their way in NYC. Mixing reggae, pop, soul, beat box and more, IN TRANSIT is unlike anything you've ever seen-or heard-on stage before.

Come check it out on Saturday night. And stop by my table to say hello!

For ticket information visit or call 212-935-5820. Tickets are $35. But save 10% if you use the discount code PITCH.

Here's a clip from the show:

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