Thursday, July 17, 2008

Great Names in A Cappella History: Lesson 1

There are a lot of unforgettable names in collegiate a cappella. Most of them are puns. You've got the Jewish a cappella group at Cornell, the Chai Notes. You've got the law school group, The Scales of Justice. But it's rare to find a group whose name is a sexual innuendo pun. This deserves a special shout out.

Fifteen years ago, a co-ed group at SUNY Binghamton formed. They called themselves: Rhythm Method.

This makes me laugh.

For those of you who never took junior high school health, the Rhythm Method is a form of "natural" contraception. (Read more in the Wikipedia entry here.) I tracked down one of the founding members of Rhythm Method, Alison Gabel Silverman, to find out how they came up with this very funny name.

No great story there, sadly. No uproar from the university. No parental complaints. Just a great concert tagline. At the end of each show, co-founder Eric Shimanoff would say to the crowd: "The Rhythm Method would like you to know that we don't endorse the rhythm method as a form of birth control."

Not everyone got the joke. Alison: "I remember someone once saying, Why is the name of the group the Rhythm Association?" You can't please everyone. (Get it! More puns!)

Here's a clip from Rhythm Method's 15th anniversary concert:

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Ted said...

Yea SUNY Bing!! I was at that concert!! Their old albums go along with the rhythm method theme too (like nine months late and statistically unsafe). Gotta love it.

Just finished the book, and I have to say, I loved it!