Monday, April 7, 2008

Jessica Biel sings.

And the verdict? She's pretty good!

As an undergraduate at Tufts, Biel was famously rejected from the co-ed Tufts Amalgamates (click here) though we think she got the last laugh. (She's also in good company. Debra Messing was rejected from a Brandeis a cappella group. Brooke Shields got the no-go from the Princeton Katzenjammers.)

Thanks to this clip from 2003's Texas Chain Saw Massacre, we can imagine what Biel's audition might have sounded like:

Anyone from the Amalgamates care to sound off on Biel's actual audition? You know where to find us.


Anonymous said...

the Mates focus on blending in our auditions. she wasn't very good at it. lots of great singers can't blend with other people, though. we are kicking ourselves, in case you're wondering.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure we're KICKING ourselves. In conversations with other a capella groups, we've seen that many groups pass on celebrity singers, or...ahem...very attractive auditionees...and for good reason. With every song, there's only 1 soloist. Everyone else has to be able to blend well or the song doesn't sound right.

Anonymous said...

Take yourselves too seriously much?

Whatever, she wasn't accepted because we were all secretly excited that negging her would make us seem superior. Her name is still brought up at parties. "Yeah, we negged her, I'm on top of the world, man!"

That and all the women negged her because they knew they would never get anything but sloppy seconds and consolation prize hook ups at the after parties as long as she was in the group.

Jessica Biel said...

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